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Water quality credit trading can provide a cost-effective means to improve water quality and increase opportunities for conservation on private lands. USDA is partnering with stakeholders to develop the tools and infrastructure needed to support water quality markets. Markets for nutrients, temperature, and sediment load reductions are developing across the United States.


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Nutrient Tracking Tool (NTT)
An online tool for estimating nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment from crop and pasture lands.


National Network Documents  
The most complete synthesis and analysis discussion of water quality trading program development to date. The document identifies common elements and decisions inherent in water quality trading program design and the range of options to address them.


Building a TMDL to Support Water Quality Trading
This report provides suggestions on how total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) and other documents can be developed to better support water quality trading– especially point-nonpoint trading.


USDA-EPA Water Quality Trading Roadmap
The Roadmap is a searchable collection of water quality trading resources, including federal, state, and non-governmental information. 



    In It Together
    A how-to reference for building point-nonpoint water quality trading programs developed by the Willamette Partnership. Part One gives an overview, Part Two covers designing and operating a trading program, and Part Three provides case studies. 

    • Part One: an overview and current status of point-nonpoint water quality trading programs in the U.S.
    • Part Two: a reference for building and operating water quality trading programs.
    • Part Three: provides case study write-ups for water quality trading programs.
    • Opportunities for Action: provides a set of recommendations for the next iteration of point-nonpoint water quality programs in the U.S. 


    USDA-EPA National Workshop on Water Quality Trading 2015

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    Chesapeake Bay

    >>  Virginia  

    >>  Pennsylvania  

    >>  Maryland  

    Great Lakes

    >>  Wisconsin’s Water Quality Trading Resources  


    Ohio River Basin

    >>  Ohio River Basin Trading Project  

    >>  Ohio Water Quality Trading Program    


    >>  Oregon DEQ: Water Quality Trading  

    >>  Oregon’s Water Markets  


    Southern U.S.

    >>  Florida DEP  

    >>  North Carolina DENR Nutrient Trading 

    >>  Louisiana DEQ Water Quality Trading